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Disclosure of Material Information

Agreement for acquisition of Barclays Bank - March 12, 2015.pdf  
Size: 291 KB
Agreement for acquisition of PICIC Asset Management by HBL AMC - February.pdf  
Size: 409 KB
Agreement for transfer of HBL Kenya business to Diamond Trust Bank Kenya.pdf  
Size: 226 KB
Approval for Issuance of Tier II Capital - May 19, 2015.pdf  
Size: 1080 KB
HBL New York Branch-Regulatory Orders - December 18, 2015.pdf  
Size: 518 KB
Licence to setup branch in China-April 18, 2016.pdf  
Size: 401 KB
Proposed Acquisition of Barclays Bank -October 9, 2014.pdf  
Size: 584 KB
SBP approval of Scheme of Amalgamation of Barclays Bank into HBL -June 5.pdf  
Size: 205 KB
SBP Permission to conduct due diligence of Barclays Bank - December 20.pdf  
Size: 574 KB
SBP Permission to conduct due diligence of First Microfinance Bank Limit.pdf  
Size: 224 KB