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HBL Irtifa Account (Islamic Daily Progressive Account)

IDPA is a remunerative account with saving chequing account facilities. The underlying contract is on Mudaraba basis. So the account holders will share in profits and losses arising from investments made by the bank, to the extent of their share. The principal amount and return (including any prefixed rate) is not guaranteed by the bank. The projected rate of profit assigned to IDPA may be the result of expected or acceptable rates of return, performance and marketing efforts of the bank and standard of regulatory and Shariah compliance of the bank. Bank may decide to invest its own funds in joint pool and it will become a Musharakah with the Mudarib taking the Mudarib’s Fee and then sharing the profit on its investment according to agreed ratio.


  • Balance for opening of Account: Minimum Rs.500,000/=, no Maximum limit.
  • Minimum Balance for Profit: No restriction.
  • Weightage Frequency: Quarterly (three working days before starting next period).
  • Profit Calculation: On Daily Product basis.
  • Profit Distribution (as per weightages): 1st working day of the month.
  • No account maintenance Service Charges will be recovered.
  • Charge of Rs. 30 per debit transaction will be levied and recovered daily and this will be in addition to normal charges where Islamic Banking Schedule of Charges is applicable on the particular service.
  • Debit transactions will exclude system generated transactions, ATM & POS transactions.

Eligibility Criteria

IDPA is a high cost deposit and opened in PKR. It is for Institutions only, individuals will not be allowed to open IDPA. Institutions may include:

  • Small, medium and large enterprises.
  • Private & Public sector companies.
  • Local & multinational companies.
  • High net worth Sole Proprietors and Partnerships, Limited companies, Autonomous/Semiautonomous     bodies, Federal/Provincial Govt institutions, Corporations, Charitable Institutions, Trusts, Associations, Educational institutions and Local Bodies.

    Important Documents

    Key Fact Sheets (HBL Al-IrtifaAccount)- July 2017.pdf  
    Size: 73 KB