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HBL RuralBanking

HBL is one of the few financial institutions which caters to farmers financing need and has played a pivotal role in the development of the rural agriculture market.

With the distinction of being the largest commercial bank in Pakistan, HBL has influenced thousands of lives in the farming communities across the country and is committed to improving the agricultural sector’s growth. Through unique product offerings in the market, with the help of a technically skilled sales team in the field, HBL has been able to educate and facilitate its customers and the farming community.

At HBL, loans to farmers are mostly structured on a revolving basis. They (farmers) are only charged on the amounts utilised, which reduces the burden on them. Furthermore, the repayments are matched with the cropping cycle and the cash receipt of proceeds from the crops. This enables the farmers to pay off their debt to the bank when they have the funds available.

HBL has also joined hands with the Insurance industry for the launch of Crop Loan Insurance, protecting the borrowers against loss of crops on arising from rain, floods, disease etc. In case of a calamity the farmers’ crops are insured and their losses are adjusted against the insurance coverage.

HBL Rural Banking has provided a viable platform where farmers are able to avail finances required for their farming needs with innovative and unique offerings. With a complete range of products for its valued customers, HBL provides cutting edge value added services.

HBL ZaraiBanking

HBL ZaraiBanking facilities are spread across the country and provide financing through more than 800 of our branches. HBL’s presence in all agriculture belts of the country ensures easy access to farmers in rural areas.

HBL ZaraiBanking provides loans to small-scale land owning farmers as well as large institutionalized and alliance based finance, enhancing agricultural harvest and, in turn, economic output of the country.

Financing Products and Features

HBL ZaraiBanking enables farmers to invest in premier quality seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, agricultural implements and non-farm setups through its various product programs.

Crop Inputs

Crop specific finance for purchase of Agri inputs such as seed, fertilizer, pesticide and other related inputs.

Farm Implements

Finance available for purchase of farm implements & machinery like combined harvester, sprayers, ploughs, tube wells and other crop-related tools/implements.

Tractors/Agricultural Vehicles

Finance available to individual farmers, self-employed tractor operators, providing the option to select vehicles from a range of different manufacturers


Finance available for feed, medicines, raw material, raising charges and other related activities.


Finance available for all poultry related activities including poultry farm construction / equipment, hatchery plant & machinery, poultry feed, poultry medicines, composite feed production, poultry processing and other related activities.

Fish Farming:

Finance available for inland fish farms as well as deep-sea fishing. This includes procurement of boat, fish locating equipment, nets & ropes, ice maker, fish farm water solution, hatchery construction/equipment, purchase of medicines / feed and other related activities.

Important Documents

Key Fact Sheet ( HBL RuralBanking Fisheries Financing)- January 2018.pdf  
Size: 24 KB
Key Fact Sheet ( HBL RuralBanking Poultry Financing)- January 2018.pdf  
Size: 24 KB
Key Fact Sheet ( HBL RuralBanking Tractor Lease Financing)- January 2018.pdf  
Size: 282 KB
Key Fact Sheet ( HBL RuralBanking Running Finance Farm Production)- January 2018.pdf  
Size: 353 KB
Key Fact Sheet (HBL RuralBanking) – July 2017.pdf  
Size: 164 KB